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Point Road, by Michael Thomas Brimbau

This Once-Only World, poems by Ada Jill Schneider

America’s Voices: An Oral History of Fall River, Massachusetts, from 1900 to 1950 by Alfred J. Lima

Lizzie Borden: Resurrections by Sherry Chapman

Lizzie Borden, The Girl with the Pansy Pin by Michael Thomas Brimbau

The Sadness I Take to Sea, Poems by Michael Thomas Brimbau

Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective by Richard Behrens

Do Come In and Other Lizzie Borden Poems by Larry W. Allen

The Hatchet: Lizzie Borden’s Journal of Murder, Mystery & Victorian History Online Edition

The Literary Hatchet Online Edition

Preliminary Hearing in the Lizzie Borden Case, New Edition

The Trial of Lizzie Andrew Borden, New Edition, Book One

The Trial of Lizzie Andrew Borden, New Edition, Book Two

The Trial of Lizzie Andrew Borden, New Edition, Book Three



The Murder of Bertha Manchester, 1893, articles of the crime from the Evening Standard, New Bedford, Mass., May 31 to June 13, 1893

The Trial of Lizzie A. Borden. Upon an indictment charging her with the murders of Abby Durfee Borden and Andrew Jackson Borden. Before the Superior Court for the County of Bristol. Presiding, C.J. Mason, J.J. Blodgett, and J.J. Dewey. Official stenographic report by Frank H. Burt (New Bedford, MA., 1893, 2 volumes)

Lizzie Borden — The Murders and Their Aftermath, as reported by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 28 articles

Complete Primary Source Documents PLUS important books on the case on CD-ROM: Police Witness Statements (46 pages + full index); Inquest (2 vols.); Preliminary Hearing (5 vols., 460+ pages); Trial Transcript (2 vols., 1,900 + pages)

The Preliminary Hearing. 481 pages, 5 volumes. August 25 – September 1, 1892. Searchable and complete. With introductory essay by Harry Widdows and Stefani Koorey

Edmund Pearson The Trial of Lizzie Borden and Edwin Porter The Fall River Tragedy

The Borden Murders and Their Aftermath, as reported in the New Bedford Evening Standard. 460 pages

The Police Witness Statements. 46 pages of text, 3 page table of contents, and extensive index

The Last Will and Testament of Lizzie Borden, Emma Borden, and Uncle John Morse. Includes the official probate records of Lizzie Borden

The Mystery Unveiled, by Todd Lunday (1893)

The Borden Murder Mystery, by Arthur Phillips (1946)

Two important articles on the case: “The Borden Case” (1893) by John H. Wigmore; and “The Conduct of Law” (1894) by Judge Charles G. Davis