Book Production Services

So, you want to be a published author but cannot break through the traditional publishing market. It takes so much time to hear back from publishers, if ever. And while you wait, you wonder why you cannot just send the manuscript out to multiple companies at the same time. It would be so much easier and faster. But most publishers, you have found, don’t allow simultaneous submissions. And you don’t have an agent, so you are facing that hurdle as well. What can a talented writer do?

You can self-publish. You can become the owner of your own words and have your book sold all over the world, and for very little money. Maybe your book will then be picked up by a major publisher, or your work will be optioned for a film, or you sell a ton of copies and retire from your day job. Maybe. 

Self-publishing has become the most popular way to get your works in the hands of readers, which is the whole point of writing, isn’t it? It is an accepted way to sell your works and leave out the middle-man, garnering royalties that are well above industry standard.

But how? You can do the entire process yourself, if you have the skills—format your book’s interior and cover, proofread and edit and illustrate, create an author account with’s KDP portal (for eBooks and paperbacks), upload your properly formatted manuscript, set your price, and reap the rewards. But what if you only want to write and don’t know how to use inDesign and Photoshop and or anything about ePub conversion?

If you don’t have the computer/design skills to make your dream a reality, PearTree Press can help. We offer a full range of publishing services: from complete A-Z packages (manuscript to print), to manuscript preparation assistance and specialized services.

Complete Book Productions Services:

We off a complete book production package, depending on the type of book you have written—Poetry, Fiction, or Non-Fiction. We have a great deal of experience working with authors worldwide as well as non-profit institutions in creating stunning book designs. Our turnaround is quite swift, often within 30 days, and you, as the client, are consulted along the way to insure that you are happy with the result—that the book you publish is the book you envisioned.

The complete book production package includes:

  • Cover design, front and back
  • Interior design and formatting (pagination, headers, font choices, front matter, back matter)
  • Overall proofreading for grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling
  • Any and all illustrations (provided by you or purchased through us)
  • Assistance in setting up your account with Amazon/KDP
  • And full human generated index for your non-fiction book


Payment is through PayPal or check, and we only ask for 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon completion.

Our prices are quite reasonable, as you will see as you search the web for similar services.


Complete Book Production Services
Poetry Book Production
any number of pages


Non-Fiction Book Production
any number of pages, includes index


Fiction Book Production
any number of pages



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