Lizzie Borden: Resurrections by Sherry Chapman



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Black & White on White paper
370 pages
PearTree Press
ISBN-13: 978-0981904399
ISBN-10: 0981904394
BISAC: History / General

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Whatever happened to Lizzie Borden after the trial that accused her of bludgeoning her father and stepmother with a hatchet in 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts? It’s all in here, and it doesn’t stop with Lizzie. A plethora of persons were involved around her in some way. From her friends to her foes, from the doctors to the policemen, from her Manse to The Nance, at last comes the first book of its kind that tells what caused Officer Philip Harrington (who greatly disliked Lizzie) to die suddenly in 1893. What happened to neighbor and friend Dr. Bowen after the crime and trial? Why doesn’t Edwin Porter, who covered the trial then wrote the first contemporary book on the murders, The Fall River Tragedy, have a gravestone – and who is buried with him? Not by him. Actually with him. From original source documents, photos of the graves, obituaries, and death certificates each on whom records could be found has their story told in details unknown until now. What were they doing before anyone much had heard of Lizzie Borden? What was their role in the case? When did they die and how? Some of the results may surprise you, whether you read this book for pleasure or research. There are no legends here, but a factual telling of the stories of these persons who are today all gone but need not be forgotten. And with this book they may be hard to forget.