PearTree Press Contracts and Rates

Part of our pioneering publishing philosophy is to reward authors for their work in ways other companies do not. We believe at PearTree Press that we are here to assist creative individuals in achieving their dreams. It is not about us. It is about YOU. To this end, we offer an above-industry standard royalty rate for authors who we accept for publishing.

When PearTree Press selects your work for publication, you are sent a contract which lays out the details of our association. In addition to the generous royalty rate, we also offer authors a 40% discount on the retail price on the purchase of copies of your book.  In addition, a standard clause in the contract gives the author ten (10) free copies once the work is published.

If after our standard editing process (which includes free consultations) you deliver a formatted and designed work, requiring very little from PearTree Press, then there is no fee for us to publish you. There are no up-front costs. Authors are NEVER asked or required to order any copies of their works from us. We are not a vanity press.

There is a fee, however, for the design and formatting (including cover art)  work we do with you on your manuscript, with the amount determined by the complexity of the project. An average fee for a 200 page book of poetry is $450.

For all  services, or to request a consultation for further information, please use the contact form below.

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