About Us

Our Approach

PearTree Press is an independent (indy) publishing company located in Fall River, Massachusetts. We are a different breed of publisher, offering an amalgam of both traditional and innovative strategies in order to meet the needs of today’s authors and artists.

We live to publish the creative works of others, and have a successful track record working with artists and authors worldwide. We also publish our own creations including The Literary Hatchet, The Hatchet, and primary historical sources that assist researchers. 

We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and prose, and specialize in regional subjects (New England) and local authors. 

We find that there are four categories of authors:

1> Those who need very little help but wish to be published by an established publishing company, using our imprint (PearTree Press) and ISBN.

2> Those who require design help and formatting as well as wish to be published by an established publishing company, using our imprint (PearTree Press) and ISBN.

3> Those who would like to self-publish using other ways of getting works to market (besides using the PearTree Press imprint), but need assistance to make that happen in the form of indexing, research services, copyediting, formatting and cover design, etc.

4> Those who already have a contract with another publisher but require manuscript preparation assistance for indexing, research services, copyediting, formatting, etc.

Whichever category you belong to, PearTree Press is here to help you get the job done with minimal cost, one-on-one attention, and expert support.

CATEGORY ONE: Some authors need very little assistance with the publication of their work, and for those creative artists we offer basic publishing services with no up-front fees. In this traditional publishing scenario, authors submit a completed manuscript or a few sample chapters through our submission partner (Submittable) with a standard query letter. We will consider your work for publication, assign it to an editor, and respond to you regarding our interest within sixty (60) days from submission.

If your work is accepted for publication we will offer you a standard publishing contract with a generous and above-industry-standard royalty rate. Our authors are NEVER asked or required to order any copies of their books from us. We are not a vanity press.

If you have no need for our design or manuscript services for your project, and are able to submit the final formatted copy per our requirements (again, industry standard), there is no fee for our publishing services.

CATEGORY TWO: Some authors are in dire need of assistance from the get-go: including formatting, design, layout, illustration, editing, vetting, and fact-checking. We offer these services in very cost effective packages.

If you would like PearTree Press to publish your work after we have completed any of the above work with you, we offer a standard publishing contract with an above-industry standard royalty rate. 

There is a fee, however, for the upfront work we do with you on your manuscript, with the amount determined by the complexity of the project. The average fee for a 200 page book of poetry is $450.

Authors are NEVER asked or required to order any copies of their works from us. We are not a vanity press.

CATEGORY THREE: You do not have to publish with us for us to help you ready your work for self-publishing.  Authors are NEVER asked or required to order any copies of their works from us, no matter the level of work we do for you.

The arrangement is very easy: You simply hire a PearTree Press specialist to create the items you need for your self-publication (cover, index, etc.). Typically, we will work with you on a job-by-job basis—meaning we can create your index for a per-page fee and if later you need final proofreading assistance, we can work with you on that task. The amount of work we do to assist you in getting published is entirely up to you!

CATEGORY FOUR: Congratulations on your publishing contract! You have almost completed your manuscript but your publisher wants you to do the illustrations and the index! Yikes! We know how that feels. When one of our authors first started, she had a nice publishing contract with a well-established house but was told that her work required an index. Without the necessary level of attention to detail assembling an index can demand, she chose us, as have other clients. By the way, we do a human generated index, not a simple concordance. See this great article on why.

The world of publishing is changing. And PearTree Press is on the forefront of that change. With our wide-ranging expert services, you can be assured that we will work with you individually to produce the quality publication you are proud of (and have a say in!).


Meet the Team

Stefani Koorey, PhD

With over a dozen years of editing, publishing, and design experience, Stefani is our chief cook and bottle washer. She contributes to the team not only her limitless energy, but her expertise in creating a stunning final product.

Eugene Hosey
Fiction Editor

A published author himself, Eugene brings a lifetime of experience to his work, which includes the joy of reading your fiction submissions. He loves to read new works by unpublished authors and inventive creative masterpieces.

Michael Thomas Brimbau
Poetry Editor/Design Consultant

An eclectic author and Renaissance man, Michael has written and been published in almost every genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theatre, magazine articles, etc.). He uses his creative eye to help shape the design of our projects.

Sherry Chapman
Humor Editor

Author and humorist Sherry Chapman is a unique addition to the team, having a razor wit as well as a serious attention to detail. The way to Sherry’s heart is through her mind, where her funny bone resides. Make her laugh!